Foot Corner Notcher
  • Features

    1.Foot Switch control 

    2. Easy maintenance 

    3. The machine is hydraulic driven and constructed with steel welded plate. 

    4. Giving a rigid working platform. 

    5. It is suitable for using in various notching industries. 


    1.Reliable control, easy adjustment and maintenance, hydraulic power, air power or foot operation, 

    Suitable for sheet processing, Fast speed and high quality

    2.holistic welding structure, with good intensity, rigidity and quake-proof;

    3.novel structure, small volume, easy operation;

    4.the strip speed is fast, and the notching quality is high; the needs of notching processing for all kinds of hardware. Suitable to process various boxes,

    shell covers and etc for apparatus, appliance, light industry, machine tool industry.

    1. Used for combing the 90° corner of high quality aluminum window &door.

    2. Adjustable locating device for various sections and sizes processing.

    3. Left and right punching heads adopt hard synchronous feeding device.

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